Hi, my name is Evan and I am running to be your next City Councillor.

As a lifelong resident of this ward, I have watched our community grow and develop into one of our city’s most vibrant neighborhoods. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience running a property management business in the ward, I have experienced first-hand how municipal red tape can hold us back and keep council stagnant on pressing infrastructure issues related to Double Density, Road Safety, and Housing Affordability.

As I painfully watched incumbent councilors all around the city fall asleep at the wheel on important issues, I decided to run for office 4 years ago and have been committed to becoming this Ward’s City Councillor ever since. Now more than ever, with the changes Doug Ford recently forced through, it will take someone who can provide first-rate service and representation to a super-sized ward. I am up to the challenge. Whether it be Ward 17 or Doug Ford’s Ward 4, I can assure you of one thing: I am as determined to represent our community as ever. I will see this election through to the very end and you will most certainly see my name on your ballot.

On October 22nd, let’s seize this municipal election as our chance to push for a stronger, more vocal Toronto.




Evan Tummillo






What I Believe In

We need to ensure Toronto remains Affordable for All. Housing prices continue to rise for one simple reason: we aren't building enough to meet the growing demand. We possess so much under-utilized land, and it is time our Official Plan reflects our dire need to take pressure off of built-up neighbourhoods and promote densification of the suburbs. 

We need to build a Transit System that works. Cities throughout the world are building transit at a blistering pace… and for far cheaper. It is time to embrace off-the-shelf transit technologies, above ground rail where appropriate, and a
revamped procurement strategy; all to get transit built in a cost effective manner, to get you
where you need to go.


We need to fight out of control Double Density. Density is a fact of life in a growing city, but that does not mean it shouldn’t be responsible! Whether approaching developers with a clear community vision on the micro scale, or
harmonizing city-wide bylaws to encourage more manageable densification on a macro scale,
density can be responsible.


We need Safer Roads. Over the last few years, councillors have neglected their duty to protect vulnerable road users. Whether in Parkdale, Swansea, Junction or Bloor West, safety on our roads has been THE recurring concern.
Lowering speed limits on residential streets, smarter street design, and enforcement will help
us meet our ultimate goal of eliminating traffic fatalities. We can do it.


Your City Councillor should be Accessible. Your city councillor should live in the ward he/she represents. They should never be hard to reach by phone or email, and should have an office in the ward for you to visit.




What I Will Do


On Transit I will

  • Prioritize the building of a full Downtown Relief Line
  • Seek to bring down overall costs
  • Promote the incorporation of a cycle network into an overall transit strategy


On Double Density I will

  • Encourage responsible densification
  • Stand firm with residents and their community vision
  • Ensure services match incoming density


On Road Safety I will

  • Push for smarter road design
  • Stand-up for enforcement in community zones


On Accessible Leadership I will

  • Answer your calls and emails
  • Bring an office to our ward