An Affordable Toronto

An Affordable Toronto

Over the last decade, Torontonians in all corners of the city have had to face an increasingly inaccessible housing market. Having reached the limits of urban sprawl, the city’s housing stock has failed to keep pace with our growing population. 

It has led to a sharp rise in housing prices, effectively pricing out those even earning well above average income. The domino effect has been all too clear: being priced out, larger numbers of residents opt to remain in the rental market, lowering the vacancy rate and with it, driving up the cost to rent.


Without a clear vision for policy change at the City level, it will not matter whether you are a home owner or tenant: housing will just be plain unaffordable.


It has become abundantly clear that building successive condo towers have not served to address our needs, putting disproportionate strain on our infrastructure without providing adequate housing and affordability. In order to address this growing problem, we need to begin looking at innovative solutions to offering soft densification in low-density neighbourhoods. Through such managed and responsible densification, Toronto can once again become a city for all.


Together, on October 22nd let’s seize Our Chance For Change, and bring affordability and vibrancy to Ward 17.