Plan for a 25 Ward Council

Plan for a 25 Ward Council

As we draw closer to election day, it is frightening to think that no other candidates have been talking about the potential impacts of a reduced council, let alone proposing a viable solution. Read on to find out how I will ensure local representation is safeguarded and preserved in our smaller council.

The fact of the matter is that a 25 ward council is designed solely to deal with large, city wide issues. Make no mistake, there certainly is no shortage of such issues, but the fundamental driving force of municipal government is its ability to respond to truly local concerns. That is why we need to elect someone who understands governance models, so as to reform the system and be able to continue to respond to local concerns.

The only other candidate who has made any sort of proposal is Gord Perks, and his plan just won't work. He wants to go to Doug Ford and ask him to create a Two-Tier system of government like we had before amalgamation; he wants to ask the guy who cut council in half to add another 50. That won't work.

Here's my plan:

  • We need to strengthen our community councils, delegating more responsibility to them
  • We need to institutionalize resident associations, who are at the grassroots level of democracy

These measures will help ensure that our local concerns are not only heard, but addressed.

It is time for Change.


On Oct 22nd, Vote Evan