Housing Affordability Plan

Housing affordability is a problem that impacts us all, regardless of income bracket. While every candidate in Ward 4 (including myself) has listed affordable housing projects as top priority, no one except myself has proposed a plan to address housing affordability overall.

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Plan for a 25 Ward Council

As we draw closer to election day, it is frightening to think that no other candidates have been talking about the potential impacts of a reduced council, let alone proposing a viable solution. Read on to find out how I will ensure local representation is safeguarded and preserved in our smaller council.

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A Connected Toronto

Public transit has for decades failed to keep up with the growing needs of our growing city. Though different levels of government share blame, City Council is not without its own. Its tepid embrace of proven LRT technologies, proven correlation between increased bus service and increased ridership, and proven willingness for residents to opt for cycling where the infrastructure allows for it has left our city at a standstill.

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